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The Natural Resources Institute (NRI) is a specialist research, development and education organisation of the University of Greenwich, UK, with a focus on food, agriculture, environment, and sustainable livelihoods. 
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Bee good, bee lazy

Bees are big news right now and humankind has realised two important things: how interlinked bees’ survival is with its own, and that bees are in trouble and urgently need help. Their distress call has reached the ears of government with Defra’s...

Research students at NRI: on the path to impact

On the 17th of May 2019, students were given the opportunity to both organise and participate in the 4th Annual NRIPS (Natural Resources Institute Postgraduate Society) Symposium. The NRIPS Symposium aims to equip participants with vital...

Growing Kent and Medway

Have you ever wondered how you might spend £15m on regenerating your local area? On Wednesday 5th June, the University of Greenwich hosted an exciting event at the Medway campus as part of the ‘Growing Kent & Medway’ research, innovation and...

World Food Safety Day

Friday 7th June marked the United Nations’ inaugural World Food Safety Day. Its aim was to make us all realise that food safety is everyone’s problem. Here at NRI we agree 100%. Everyone has the right to safe, nutritious and sufficient food, but...

Hero Hoverflies: tiny travellers with big potential

Hoverflies, which mimic wasps in their black and yellow markings but do not possess a sting, are incredibly useful as pollinators and pest controllers amid the decline of other insect species, as a new study into their migratory behaviour has...

Beautiful Berries and Super Soft Fruits

On Tuesday 28th May, NRI convened a one-day seminar at the Produce Quality Centre (PQC) in East Malling, Kent. Experts, academics and representatives from across the soft fruit industry supply chain were invited to discuss current challenges facing...

Major investment in Food and Nutrition Security research at NRI

The Natural Resources Institute (NRI) is delighted to announce that it has been granted an award from Research England’s ‘Expanding Excellence in England’ (E3) Fund to increase its research on food and nutrition security. Through a highly...

Food, the environment and the future: what can we expect?

Is veganism the answer to help us sustain global food production into the future? Does a balanced and healthy diet come from balanced and healthy farming practices? How can we find more sustainable farming solutions and avoid cruelty in agriculture and modern...

Job Creation and New Enterprise in Medway

Are you passionate about job creation and new enterprise in the food industry in Kent & Medway? Do you have ideas on what would work best in the local area and where? There is £15m at stake - can you help us win it for Kent & Medway? If you can...
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